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Jun 5, '15, 11:16 AM
If you had to travel a good distance to get here, you should see chicago .

Or send your non mego family.

I came early so we could visit.

Rush hour traffic experience _check (I am not a bright man, arriving in Chicago at 5:15)

Checked into air bnb_ sweet set up 70 bucks a night, suite, Netflix, breakfast. 3 miles from aw yeah

Visit aw yeah comics _ hung out for half hour. Lily got a comic. It was ladies night. Lily didn't want yo participate.

Walked to nearby Armenian restaurant.

Stopped in at aw yeah games _ I think I want to use ideas like this to do a coffee shop

Watched Hunters movie at the bnb.

Had nice breakfast at bnb

Drove a mile to the train. Parked free. Rode train downtown _no traffic _no maps _no downtown parking.

Visited the library briefly.

Visited Buckingham fountain. Way cool and lake Michigan.

Free tour of lurie gardens.

The bean

Face foumtais

Lunch food truck sauge for me French style sandwich for her in front of museum.

Then the art institute and millennial park concert _those require a post of there own.

Jun 5, '15, 11:32 AM
The art Institute I thought was free for veterans. No. Only active duty. 30 dollars adult. However, as we entered, a guy walking out says _does anyone want a free ticket? The lady behind me said sure. I was _ doh! And she she said _here do you want it? Yeah!

If you don't care about fine art other than four color on newspront. This might not be for you _but WOW! This museum is a must see. If you have time do two days. If not plan what to see and plan to get a workout.

A lifetime favorite of mine has been Nighthawks. Seeing it in person for the first time yesterday actually made me cry with joy and emotion.

Though I have seen Monet's before, including many in Paris, I still and unable to stop looking. In front of the water Lillie's they had no bench. We just sat on the floor and looked.

I also loved the possaro collection.

I spent alot of time view french painters. I studied the French masters so knowing more I enjoy them more.

Lily like Greek sculptures best.

She was really impressed with the miniatures collections.

I could go on and on.

We spend 6 hours _at least 5 on our feet.

Lily was trashed _but it is so worth it.

Jun 5, '15, 11:36 AM
After museum we took more pics with bean.

We saw glass lux at the out door venue

We had Chicago deep dish pizza from a place off the main street.

We saw the band The very best. They were awesome.

We took the train back

Against better judgment, instead of going to sleep, we watch crocodile Dundee.

Slept in Friday.

See you guys soon

Donkey Hoatie
Jun 5, '15, 11:41 AM
Glad to hear you're taking advantage of some of the things the city has to offer. Of all the museums in the city, the Art Institute is my favorite. With that being said, if art isn't your thing, the Field Museum is great as well. Just seeing the dinosaurs there is worth the price of admission. Museum of Science and Industry, along with the Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium are all pretty great, too.

One other lace to keep in mind are the Chicago Botanic gardens, which are actually north of the city in Highland Park, about 10 miles north of the hotel.

Jun 5, '15, 11:43 AM
Awesome travelogue, and yes, Chicago is one of the great cultural cities. By all means Megomeeters, explore if you can.

Oh, and an official shout out to successful monumental public art in America, Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) by Anish Kapoor. ;)

Y'all have a blast this weekend.

Jun 5, '15, 12:23 PM
Glad to hear you're making the most of your trip here!

Jun 6, '15, 12:57 AM
really would have loved to have more time for sightseeing, but will have to make more time next year.

Jun 7, '15, 12:34 AM
Of course there was the meet -
but that is another thread altogether.

The last Chicago experience I had was Portillo's. I probably should have just had a PB&J from my cooler to maximize MegoMeet time, but I will have to say that it was tasty, economical and for how many people were there -surprisingly fast.

Finally - I though rush hour traffic was so great on the way to Mego meet, I decided to do it again. Not quite as bad being an hour later (6:15 CT)
Lost an hour crossing times zones on the way home but made good time -arriving 1:05 EST.