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EMCE Hammer
Jun 3, '15, 8:18 PM
So I have finally seen the DoubleTree in all its splendor. It is REALLY nice.

We will have signage and people posted to get everyone unloaded and checked-in. The amount of space escalates from day to day, and there are multiple hallways and entrances to navigate. The pair of Mego Suites will be set-up in the morning; dealer rooms added Friday morning; and presentation/auction/workshop rooms added Saturday. Once I touch base with all the presenters Tom Ligotti will post the schedule in markerboard format as-is tradition.

Dealers note - we get access to the dealer rooms at 9am Friday. If anything changes to allow for getting in sooner I'll let everyone know. The hotel flips these spaces daily; they'll be in use right before and right after us.

That's all for now

Jun 3, '15, 9:18 PM
I will be getting in tomorrow around Noon. Call me if you need anything. 920)277-5252