View Full Version : Time to roll-See you tomorrow!

Jun 3, '15, 6:51 AM
Last of my stuff is packed! Pretty for much everything you could think of for nearly a week away/on the road. Doing final load up of my mp3 players and I'll be on the road for day 1 of the trek, finishing up in Ohio today. Basically each day of driving is the same as I what i had to do for Wheeling, I just have to do it twice now. One welcome change is this is mostly I-80 for me the whole way. So some of the nonsense encountered in the WV trip is the thing of the past (the one road with almost no signage, the other coming back where the roadwork never seemed to end. If you came from the northeast you know what I'm talking about.) Can't wait to see everyone!

Jun 3, '15, 7:15 AM
Safe drive buddy, if you're going through Indiana, please be aware it's the speed trap state.

Blue Meanie
Jun 3, '15, 7:37 AM
Safe trip Mike and we'll see you there.

Jun 3, '15, 8:08 AM
Safe Trip!!! May the Highway Gods be Kind to you!

Random Axe
Jun 3, '15, 11:38 AM
I'm at a rest stop 150 miles our from skokie. Navigating indianapolis was a treat but now it's all a straight shot...

Jun 3, '15, 11:44 AM
Man, I won't get there until late Friday. Safe trip guys and see you soon.

Donkey Hoatie
Jun 3, '15, 12:01 PM
I'm at a rest stop 150 miles our from skokie. Navigating indianapolis was a treat but now it's all a straight shot...

You should be pretty OK to go from here on out. Just checked my travel app and there are a couple of small-ish delays on 94 around Chicago right now. You won't breeze through the city, but you won't be sitting for an hour, either.

Hit me up for directions if you get lost. Sent you my phone number in a PM before, but for anyone else nervous about traveling through Chicago, it's 8479424267

Jun 3, '15, 4:10 PM
Made it to Ohio fine, settling into my room for today. Definitely a treat thus far to be on the same road pretty much the entire trip.

Jun 3, '15, 5:55 PM
Drive safely amigo. Call me when you get in. 920)277-5252

Jun 3, '15, 7:39 PM
Best wishes to everyone!

Jun 3, '15, 8:04 PM
About half way there. Spending the night in Elizabethtown, KY.

Jun 3, '15, 10:23 PM
Super excited to see everyone tomorrow. One more sleep and I'm on a plane to Chicago bright and early.

Jun 4, '15, 12:16 AM
Safe travels, Mike. See you in 20 hours!

Jun 4, '15, 3:27 AM
The Ligotti's are officially 'On the Road'...so move over!!! :biggrin:

Jun 4, '15, 5:33 AM
we will probably roll in around 1-2pm