View Full Version : The Last Hurdle Passed!

Jun 1, '15, 6:15 PM
Every year I'm always waiting for "it" to happen. The last day of work before all obstacles are out of the way to the Meet. This year is especially big because work is an overwhelming disaster right now and has been for some time. To the point even though everyone know how special this trip is to me, I kept waiting for someone to ask me if I could skip this year (that would be a no, of course!). Thankfully that never happened. While I had to wait an extra day, I'm looking forward to the two day drive as it lets me leave the house a day early and lets me extend the trip in a way.
I can't even express how much it will mean to be around friends. Also I finally get the let loose the $ I've hoarding away since the beginning of the year! It may not have been burning a hole my pockets but only because I haven't been keeping it there!

Jun 1, '15, 6:24 PM
Great news! I known I'm really looking forward to the meet this year.

Jun 1, '15, 11:08 PM
Aw yeah! :)