View Full Version : Miss The Meet Already

Jun 1, '15, 5:00 PM
I sure wish I could go! Cant wait to read and see all the action as it happens!

Jun 1, '15, 5:03 PM
I'm feeling the same way. :crying:

Jun 1, '15, 5:48 PM
Load the Car John, it's not too late ;)

Jun 1, '15, 6:08 PM
Load the Car John, it's not too late ;)

There you go Won't be the same without you!

Jun 1, '15, 6:22 PM
Thanks Kev and Mike. But, with it now a 2 day drive each way, kinda puts it out of my price range. I don't get paid vacation.

Jun 1, '15, 6:29 PM
Same. Things looked good about a month ago, but it took about a week to make it out of reach.

Sucks because I'm dying to see Austin's collection is person, along side the box and sublimation tuts.

And my oldest kids desk this week has a stack of Tiny Titans Graphics. She's plowing through one a day. I can't show her the Skokie pics, she'll go all Shatner melodrama on me.