View Full Version : Entenmann's cakes and cookies run...

Blue Meanie
Jun 1, '15, 3:49 PM
Entenmann's is literally around the corner from my house. The outlet store has all things Entenmann's/Freihoffers and other cakes and cookies. Let me know what you guys and girls might be interested in.

Jun 1, '15, 4:06 PM
Is any of their stuff still good? I tried some cupcakes recently and they were gross and not at all like I remembered them.

Jun 1, '15, 4:11 PM
Their chocolate frosted donuts are the BOMB!

Jun 1, '15, 4:28 PM
^Oh yeah, the Frosted Devil's Food donuts! Those are incredible.

Jun 1, '15, 4:37 PM
I remember the chocolate cupcakes with the REALLY thick frosting! The frosting alone would send your blood sugar into the stratosphere. Eating the whole cupcake would send it to Mars.

I love their old fashioned donuts best.

Jun 1, '15, 6:50 PM
Soft chocolate chip cookies, if someone didn't stop me I'd eat the whole box