View Full Version : Who likes comics?

Jun 1, '15, 2:29 PM
Along with some vintage goodness I will be bringing 27 packed short boxes of cheap, high grade (VF or better) Bronze Age Marvel Comics to the meet, so if you have a 70's era comic want list I suggest you bring it along.

Jun 1, '15, 5:37 PM
I'll have my comic list with me, I never go to go a show without it! My Marvel bronze run is pretty tight but you never know. "Vintage goodness". Love it! Sounds like there will be some competition for my largest-ever Meet budget!

Jun 2, '15, 12:50 AM
DAMMIT...Now I gotta fight off Mike...LOL!!! ;)

Mike...If we look through the boxes Elbow-to-Elbow we should be able to keep Sam at bay.

All kidding aside...Charlie's VF is most peoples NM or M.

You can't go wrong at Charlie's Table.

Evel KMego
Jun 2, '15, 6:48 PM
Just glad to see Charlie back at Mego Meet!!!!!

Jun 2, '15, 8:01 PM
Cheap, Bronze Age Marvels? Interested!