View Full Version : building customs gonna be different this year?

May 26, '15, 6:13 AM
just a slight "oh yea" moment - but building stuff.
In Wheeling, it was no big deal to wander out of the hotel or Museum to sneak outside and shoot a sculpt with spray paint or primer.
Skokie - we are downtown...probably not gonna be painting on the sidewalk with folks passing by...perhaps an adjoining alley maybe..

I only had this thought when I registered just now for my single table....(oooooof which I forgot to put in the PayPal notes (Sorry Steve!!!)) because I really didn't build anything this year. Aside from a Home base, I'll probably be building stuff and chillin. If I need to spray a piece or two, might pack a cardboard box to do it in.

EMCE Hammer
May 26, '15, 7:55 AM
I plan to do mine in a stall. Seriously I would think, weather permitting, you could still sneak outside to the parking lot.

Donkey Hoatie
May 26, '15, 8:30 AM
Just as an FYI, the hotel is in the suburbs but not part of the Skokie "downtown" area. I doubt there will be a ton of foot traffic around the building. It's the suburbs, everyone drives everywhere. You should be fine sneaking out to the parking lot (which is pretty darn big) and doing a quickie paint job.

Random Axe
May 26, '15, 9:39 AM
I was gonna test the full service guarantee of the staff by having them assist me with some spray painting in the lobby but parking lot works too.