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Blue Meanie
May 21, '15, 11:51 PM
Keep your eye on this space for some teasers of vintage goodness that I will be bringing to Aw Yeah Mego Meet this year. Some wanted Aliens that are in need of a little bit of some Mego Meet luv:


More stuff to follow...keep your eyes peeled for this post for more pics. Now why haven't you sent me a want list yet :sarky: This is just the very tippy top of the iceberg :grin:

David Lee
May 22, '15, 7:21 AM
[In my best Chris Tucker voice]. DAAAAAMMMMMNNNN!!!!

May 22, '15, 7:43 AM
Berto's thread is my most looked foward to thread going into the Meet!!!

May 22, '15, 8:17 PM
Berto has the coolest stuff.

Blue Meanie
May 24, '15, 2:26 PM
Today's teaser...trying to bring a little bit of everything to please all that will be attending. Some more vintage goodness...but on the Popy/Bandai tip:

Godaikin Gardian with all 4 figures. One inside another inside another inside another. Missing his weapons...but he's a cool and freakin' heavy figure:


Blue Meanie
May 24, '15, 10:41 PM
Some more stuff for non Mego collectors...Remco Wrestlers:


Really though....what would Mego Meet be without Megos:



Again...this is just the tippy top of the iceberg. Still need to send me want lists if you want stuff held. After tomorrow I can't promise anything. Thanks for looking and there will be a few more updates on what's coming to Aw Yeah Mego Meet.

May 25, '15, 2:56 PM
Goblin is in the house.

Blue Meanie
May 28, '15, 1:36 AM
Goblin unfortunately is a reseal...but a pretty good one. Like I said, trying to bring stuff for everyone:

http://megomuseum.com/mmgallery/files/3/1/mummy_button_original.jpg http://megomuseum.com/mmgallery/files/3/1/frankenstein_putty_original.jpg


More pics to come.

Blue Meanie
May 31, '15, 5:55 PM
Some more pics. Here are a few pics of the GI Joe Coloring Book original art that I am bringing. There are 56 page of interior art and I also have the original watercolor painted cover by Dell Barras:




and here's a Micronauts Lion Rock variation: