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Mar 30, '08, 11:09 AM
Author: Austin Hough (megowgsh)

Line: World's Greatest Super Foes

Toy Execution (Vintage, Custom or Digital Art): Custom

Packaging Execution (Custom or Digital Art): Custom

Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Customizers: Austin "reproheads.com" Hough

Packaging Customizers/Collaborators: Anthony "the toyroom" Durso

Author Notes: Only showing the cards for now. Made sure we used the 1978 Marvel card featured on page 237 of the Holcomb book. Assigned them item codes in sequence with them also. Redesigned the back and eliminated all the heroes and included all the new characters plus GG and Lizard. Figures to come soon(er or later). :wink_y:


Here are the first four. The remaining two will be posted by May 20th.

I am trying to make these as close to what I think Mego would have done up to, and including, the coding on the cards. I hope you like.

Abomination: complete with green Mego Thing forearms on 1978 2nd issue/2nd version Marvel card


Doctor Doom: complete with gray/silver Mego Iron Man gloves and boots on 1978 2nd issue/2nd version Marvel card


Loki: complete with pony tail:smiley1: on 1978 2nd issue/2nd version Marvel card


Red Skull: complete with Mego CHiPs glove hands on 2nd issue/2nd version Marvel card


Doctor Octopus: wearing his early green on green suit, on a T2 Fat Body like Penguin or Mr Mxyzptlk and complete with retractable arms (as seen in the extra pics).




Mandarin: On a Fonzie body with rings on fingers; a modified Ming head; chest cloth emblem; Shazam style cape; purple Superman boots


Group shot!


The backs of these cards can be seen in this thread's opening post. Cards courtesy of the Toyroom.

Thanks for looking.


EMCE Hammer
Mar 30, '08, 2:15 PM
Great minds must think alike, or something like that. I have a Doom, Ock, and Red Skull in the pipeline. Your cards look awesome, as I'm sure the figures will too.

Bionic Joe
Mar 30, '08, 3:07 PM
Interesting, These deserve more study when we learn more facts [more photos please] :yeah:

Mar 30, '08, 4:29 PM
Looking forward to this, the back of the card is way cool

Mar 30, '08, 5:23 PM
that's the perfect line up for the Marvel end of the Super-Foes extension.

Mar 30, '08, 11:10 PM
Very cool. That's always at the top of my wish they had made those list.

Dave Mc
Mar 31, '08, 5:31 AM
Cool! More WGSH related stuff. I was hoping we'd see some more for this project related to WGSH. Can't wait to see the figures!

Mar 31, '08, 4:11 PM
I am very interested in seeing what the Mandarin Looks Like Austin . :yes:

The Sentry
Mar 31, '08, 9:28 PM
I always wanted Emil Blonsky in my Hulk collection! I can't wait to see what he looks like when you post him!

Apr 1, '08, 5:06 PM
I always wanted Emil Blonsky in my Hulk collection! I can't wait to see what he looks like when you post him!

He was one I always wanted as a kid. I'm all a-titter!

Apr 1, '08, 6:57 PM
Ha! I just noticed the amount of green fabric needed to make all those customs! Are all villains GREEN?!?

Nice cards, by the way.....

The Toyroom
Apr 1, '08, 7:19 PM
I noticed that too when I was doing the cards....the villains love them some green! I think I read before that a lot of times green and purple are used for villains to counter the primary colors, reds and blues, that a lot of super-heroes use.

May 8, '08, 8:06 AM
See 1st post of this thread. Thanks. Austin

May 8, '08, 9:19 AM
Sweet, sweet, sweet!!

May 20, '08, 6:13 AM
updated with Doc Ock pix in first post. Thanx

Brown Bear
May 20, '08, 6:42 AM
Looks cool Austin.

May 20, '08, 9:21 PM
OOPS. Forgot to add the Mandarin. Thanks for looking!

May 28, '08, 12:08 PM
Austin those figures look simply amazing.

The only way I can briefly comment on exactly how cool I think those 6 customs
are is to say that although I own around 120 DC/MARVEL superheroes and
villains customs -- well -- there only about 15 of them that I'd consider "vital" to
complimenting the original MEGO WGSH collection.

With your choices, you deftly and boldly chose six of those 15 --- and you
made a HOMERUN on each one.

Just amazing.

Reminds me of that FLASH ROGUES GALLERY thrill I got about ten years ago
-------------courtesy of YOU :)

Still goin' customizin' strong after all these years DOROTHY

Much appreciation-------your favorite SCARECROW---

Hugh :)

P.S. congrats on your recent inclusion into the re:Imagined project---
I think you really deserve it!!

The Kryptonite Kid
Oct 12, '08, 1:42 AM
Hellz yeah! Awesome stuff :drool_y: I could see those bad boys gracing the shelves of Playworld. Aaaaah, the memories....

Dec 26, '08, 5:00 PM
they all look pretty cool and have a megolike quility to them too.

Jan 4, '09, 7:32 AM
They look great Austin.

Jan 4, '09, 6:22 PM
Wow, I'm totally blown away. Perfect!