View Full Version : Apes Lawgiver Statue

May 4, '15, 4:00 PM
at 12" this could work with Mego and NECA ReMego Apes couldn't it?



May 4, '15, 4:02 PM
Indeed; it's killer with either 7" or 8" Apes. ;)

May 4, '15, 4:05 PM
I was thinking this, too when I saw it in the newsletter.

May 4, '15, 5:50 PM
My friend has this and he said it is awesome!!!!

May 5, '15, 4:05 AM
That's such a nice piece! Would make any apes collection that much better.

scott metzger
May 27, '15, 11:40 AM
Resisted it for a long time, but finally had to break down and buy it after reading a review. It looks spectacular as a backdrop piece with the 7" apes, but I'm sure it would look equally good behind the NECA 8" or even the classic Mego apes, as well. I wish more companies would do background pieces like this.

May 27, '15, 11:46 AM
I have one of these, and am getting some of my Mego Apes together to arrange another photoshoot in "The Forbidden Zone" (not dissimilar to those I have previously done).

However, my recent increased disability makes it extremely difficult to traverse the rough terrain needed to reach that area, and the Lawgiver weighs several pounds... so it may be awhile.

May 27, '15, 7:07 PM
That is so tempting. :beaming1: