View Full Version : Lock down mode...send me your want lists for the Meet

Blue Meanie
Apr 28, '15, 9:39 PM
With just about a month left before the meet I'm going into lock down mode. Send me your want lists if you are going to the meet this year. Sooner you get them to me the better your chance of me putting them on hold for you for the meet. There are a few regulars that have done this in the past and I try not to disappoint. If you've been to past meets you know that I have tons of parts/accessories/heads/bodies etc. You also know that my tables are about 90% or more vintage stuff. From Mego to Big Jim to Swat to Rookies to Captain Action and then some. Message me your want lists and I'll see what I have. 4 tables of vintage goodness this year. That is all for now :)

Almost forgot to add Marx and GI Joe stuff to the list...got them too.

Apr 29, '15, 1:19 PM
Web Handed Aquaman :)

You know me I'm not Pickey :) lol

Evel KMego
Apr 30, '15, 12:28 PM
Berto! I'll be back this year!!! Missed the last couple. Bring any and all Boxed vintage ya got:grin:

Apr 30, '15, 7:06 PM
Last three boxed figures I need are Shazam, Isis and Conan. Beyond that I'll be (hopefully) looking at carded stuff this year, which I know you don't do.

May 1, '15, 12:04 AM
Vintage Speedy Hat and Belt
Any Denim Carded Pocket Heroes

May 3, '15, 9:40 PM
I am looking for a POTA Jail in the box, complete, a 12" Buck Rogers Dr. Huer MIB & Shogun Warriors Jumbo figs

Blue Meanie
May 15, '15, 6:09 PM
I know that there are a lot more here that are looking for specific items/figures/parts. If you message me before the upcoming Memorial Day weekend I will put aside in baggies/boxes the items you are looking for. It won't even hit my 4 tables. Need to know before the end of Memorial Day. Thanks.

May 16, '15, 3:32 PM
Berto sent you a PM... No biggie if you can't fill the list... See you in a couple of weeks!!!

Blue Meanie
May 16, '15, 5:10 PM
Berto sent you a PM... No biggie if you can't fill the list... See you in a couple of weeks!!!

Yep, received and working on it as I write this :) I'll PM ya with the details when I get through all of the stash.

Blue Meanie
May 17, '15, 12:58 AM
Not really a toy but toy related...Is anyone interested in Original Art from this GI Joe Coloring Book:


I have the entire book from the cover to all the pages. Cover is by Del Barras who actually worked on the GI Joe Cartoon series as an illustrator. It appears to be water color and is pretty big. I'll have the measurements later on today. I also have every page of penciled and inked art from the coloring book. 56 Pages in all. I think the interior pages are also done by Del...but I am not positive. If anyone is interested please let me know by Memorial Day Weekend.

Blue Meanie
May 21, '15, 7:52 PM
Getting closer to Memorial Day. Need to hear from people going to the meet that want to have me hold figures/parts/accessories for them. Thanks.

Blue Meanie
May 21, '15, 8:09 PM
This is just 2 pages of the 56 pages of original art for the GI Joe Coloring book. 8 1/2 X 11. I think the actual image size/area is 7 X 9


Again, the original art consists of the entire coloring book pages and the cover. Cover pic hopefully by tomorrow afternoon. There are a lot of action pages as well as some Destro pages amongst the 56 pages. Thanks for looking.