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Mar 28, '08, 9:41 PM
Hi guys!

Well, it's FINISHED! *whew* At long last, my first playset/figures custom is done. As some of you know, I've been working on this for a kid I babysit for, Zachary, who really loves the 60s Batman series. So I took it upon myself as a personal challenge and put this together.

Batman: original Mego w/ CTVT jumpsuit, cape, gloves, boots, emblem, Doc Mego shorts

Robin: CTVT body and emblem, Doc Mego Robin head and outfit, (thanks Scott!)

Riddler: Sir Gallahad head, CTVT body, boots and jumpsuit, (painted by me)

Joker: Jefferson from Married w/ Children head (painted by me), CTVT body, jumpsuit (painted by me), shoes, Doc Mego jacket

Batcave: an 11x17 box from a print shop, graphics from Kreative Komix comic book program and Microsoft Picture It, Star Trek enterprise command chair & console, CTVT folding chair (thanks Joe!), clear contact paper

Bat Signal: Walgreen's flashlight w/ CTVT Batgirl emblem on the lens

I chickened out of putting hands in w/ the boil and pop method and painted them. I painted the masks as well. I don't have a pic of the Bat Signal turned on, (I ran outta film), but it works pretty well. Contact paper and I don't get along too well, but I did alright, considering.

Hope you Mego-heads like it!

Mego Talk (http://megomuseum.com/gallery/browseimages.php?do=member&catid=member&imageuser=268)

Mar 28, '08, 10:44 PM
Very cool - alot of work went into that - and the scanned photos make it all look very vintage!

Mar 28, '08, 10:57 PM
That's really neat. Clever use of parts too.

Mar 28, '08, 11:28 PM
All the of the kids you do this stuff for are very lucky. I looked at the museum to find out what the "boil and pop" method was, but couldn't find the reference. Is that a process of dying the hands?

Mar 28, '08, 11:35 PM
All the of the kids you do this stuff for are very lucky. I looked at the museum to find out what the "boil and pop" method was, but couldn't find the reference. Is that a process of dying the hands?

No, actually it's how you change out the flesh tone hands for colored ones. Being a newbie to this custom thing, I thought that when I ordered a figure w/ white hands and purple hands, they came on the figure. Well, surprise, they don't, so I decided to paint the flesh ones. I actually like the way they came out, esp. the Riddler.

Mar 29, '08, 12:00 AM
Oh, I get it the hot water loosens the socket and the hand should pop out. Thanks. I'll have to read more of the custom stuff on the site.

Mar 29, '08, 12:10 AM
Wow! This is great stuff! Your Joker is da bomb! I would never have thought that Jefferson would look great as the Joker. He looks awesome. Zach is going to be one happy kid--so lucky! This batcave is going to get some serious play!!

Mar 29, '08, 4:23 AM
Wow Sharry, you have obviously put a lot of work in for a great result. I wish I had had a teacher like you!

Mar 29, '08, 5:12 AM
Wow, that must've taken you quite some time to build. Most impressive, to say the least. And yeah, I kinda like that Joker as well :hokay:

Mar 29, '08, 5:23 AM
Jefferson Darcy works pretty good as the Joker, nice work.

Mar 29, '08, 11:05 AM
boil and pop is pretty easy..the trick is the timing..not too long, or you can damage the toy, too soon and you can pull the hand off of the pin instead and have a whole other issue with that...just right..you get the hand and the pin all in one swoop and it's perfect..i do it a lot on my stuff...heads, feet, hands...you name it...
btw...great stuff on the batcave, that little boy is very lucky!!

Mar 29, '08, 11:25 AM
Great Stuff.
The Joker & Riddler look Fantastic. I love the way they came out. congrats,. :grin:

Mar 29, '08, 11:42 AM
For some reason I can't see any of the pictures. Can anyone help me out here?


Mar 29, '08, 11:59 AM
very cool customizing especially the joker

Mar 29, '08, 12:01 PM
Very creative! He should love it!

Mar 29, '08, 5:42 PM
For some reason I can't see any of the pictures. Can anyone help me out here?


Click on Mego Talk.

Mar 29, '08, 5:52 PM
Well for one, Zachary is one lucky guy. Nice work! I'm digging that Batcave entry action! The figures look really cool... nice use of the Star Trek stuff as well. The way it's photographed certainly gives it that authentic 1970s vintage look. Antithetical to what you said earlier, you and contact paper get along fine.:grin:

Mar 29, '08, 6:34 PM
Looks great! Galahad makes a good Riddler!

Mar 30, '08, 5:09 PM
Thanks for your kind words, everyone. This project was a lot of fun, (though rather frustrating at times). And even though I didn't think I would, (b/c I don't collect super heroes), I think I'm gonna do this again, for me. I have a few changes in mind for the Batcave, and I might just invest in regular Batman & Robin figures from Ebay, and just custom Joker and Riddler, (I have another Jefferson head).

Thanks for your support, Mego fans!:grouphug:

Mar 30, '08, 9:16 PM
Thats real cool HG! I've been thinking of doing a custom playset, either to lazy or to worried it would turn out crappy! Hope your littl charge likes it!

Apr 3, '08, 1:00 PM
Very creative! He should love it!

Well, Zachary loved it! I had intended on giving this to him the Saturday before Easter, but his mom's plans changed and they were out of town, so I just gave it to him yesterday. The expression on his face when he saw it set up on my toyroom floor was priceless. "I have my very own Batcave!" He says he's gonna save his money and buy a Batmobile on Ebay. I have no doubt he'll have plenty of adventures w/ this.

This makes my :heart: happy! :smile:

Apr 3, '08, 2:12 PM
Very nice, Sharry. Cool Riddler and Joker and nice use of the Trek console. Glad Zachary is happy!