View Full Version : Marvel Signature series Mr Fantastic & Torch history?

Mar 26, '08, 8:43 PM
Just curious if Hasbro has decided to shelve these figures or will they pull a brief run like Sandman and suddenly appear in discount bins without any time on toy shelves? Just wondering because Ebay of Australia did have them advertised at one time, so there must be some production out there. Any thoughts?

Mar 26, '08, 11:17 PM
I don't think anyone ordered them. Perhaps they might show up at a Toysrus,.. but my Toysrus's are butt slamned right now with nothing but wave 2 figures,.. by the ton for 10bucks still... Walmarts are finally throwing all those F4 & Spiderman3 Toys on clearance up here,.. to make way for the new summer movie toys. It's hard to say ,.. perhaps they will only be marketed over seas.. I was looking forward to them personally.

Apr 4, '08, 11:31 PM
Last I heard, someone from Australia thought the the Mr. Fantastic Signature figures showing up on Australia's e-bay weren't legit as he had not seen them available over there.

I would really like to see Torch and Mr. Fantastic released here! I doubt Target will do it after Cyclops sat on the shelf forever.

Apr 5, '08, 5:04 AM
Maybe they will get dumped at Big Lots.

Aug 17, '08, 11:53 AM
Here is a link Raving Toy Mania

Hasbro's Marvel QA July 2008 (Round 2) - Raving Toy Maniac - The Latest News and Pictures from the World of Toys (http://www.toymania.com/news/messages/10479.shtml)

to a question to Hasbro about the Signature Series, outside of someone on ebay Australlia selling Mr. Fantastic, I am unaware of him ever being available at Target. Can anyone verify if they have seen this in the states?

Aug 17, '08, 2:04 PM
If he was released, I never saw him. A darn shame too, because I thought he was one of the more original figures with the rubber extensions in his arms. Perhaps one day someone will post one for sale! :smile:

Aug 17, '08, 6:15 PM
Musta been a Target on Mars, I never saw it there.

Aug 17, '08, 8:13 PM
Yeah,.. I dunno .
I never even saw SandMan at Target.... but then again,.. I have yet to see any DC Figures at Walmarts other than Batman Movie related figures.

Aug 17, '08, 8:18 PM
I only found Sandman after he was getting cleared out.

Aug 17, '08, 9:47 PM
I never saw Human Torch or Mr. F.

Aug 18, '08, 11:22 AM
I picked up Cyclops, Doc Octopus, and Sandman from Target.

The other ones Daredevil, Captain America, all the Spidermans and Punisher have been at our Toys R Us.

I have never seen a Mister Fanstastic. Heard rumors, when I got there I did not see anything...