View Full Version : For Sale: Funko Creature Inv Man variants + 24" Gaiking Shogun Warrior

Jan 15, '15, 12:33 PM
Funko figures $32 shipped.
Gaiking (missiles don't shoot) $130 +shipping
Funskool Zartan + american Gi joe Zartans lot (Some denting on the bubble. An this one has a tear on the peg hole.): $20 plus shipping
Hollar if interested or with questions. Thanks: )

Star Wars Figs:
Jawa in excellent condition complete w bandolier and gun. Robe is good and clean. Limbs tight.
12" Kenner vintage Darth Vader. Totally awesome. Figure has typical play wear for it's age.
12" scale chewbacca. Great condition. Missing 4 ammunition cartridges from his ammo belt. He also has a small circular imprint on his chest which looks like maybe that is how he his glued together on the inside.

Jan 16, '15, 10:38 AM
Funko figs on hold. 12" Star Wars added. Make offers: )