View Full Version : Things to do in the Chicago area

Dec 23, '14, 2:16 PM
super excited to have a couple of extra days to hang out since we're making the trek to Skokie.

What kinds of things do you like to do in Chicago?

Any suggestions? Especially for Deep Dish Pizza. I've tried a few places... what do you think is the BEST Place for Chicago style 'za?

Love me some cheese and caramel popcorn mix.

thought it might be fun to see some of the locations from the Batman/Dark Knight films.
Anyone ever gone on this Chicago Film Tour?

I've taken an architecture boat tour in Chicago before, and enjoyed that. also visited Navy Pier.

Dec 23, '14, 6:16 PM

Dec 24, '14, 2:55 PM
I was in Chicago a couple of years ago and would have to go with Giordano's for Pizza. Pretty sure I still have the card.

Dec 24, '14, 3:07 PM
i'd have to agree -- giordano's for sure!! i visited chicago back in 2006 and had a great time!

Dec 24, '14, 3:10 PM
One of the great America cites… more to do than you possibly can in a few days, let alone a few years, if you like art, history, architecture, marine life, live music and food.

Go exploring… walk the city, ride the L, stay in one of the historic waterfront hotels, discover local treasures and world class institutions alike… such an easy place to enjoy life as visitor. If you have a bad time in such a cultural hub, it's likely your own fault. ;)

Dec 24, '14, 11:32 PM
I won't have time to sight-see. I'll be at the Meet the whole weekend. Although, slipping out to see Aw Yeah Comics Shop wouldn't be too bad.

Dec 27, '14, 12:51 PM
I won't have time to sight-see. I'll be at the Meet the whole weekend. Although, slipping out to see Aw Yeah Comics Shop wouldn't be too bad.
Yes, let's not loose sight of this. Obviously families may need something to do at times, but many of us are going to see friends we only see in person once a year and meet members we haven't before. For those who never gone before, you'll understand you get there.

Dec 28, '14, 11:47 PM
I have lived here -- either in the city proper, or the suburbs -- for my entire life. Giordanos is absolutely the best place for deep-dish pizza.

Dec 29, '14, 2:02 AM
…also, having attended college / worked in the Loop for over 30 years, I have personally visited many movie sites, including Dark Knight and Blues Brothers. I watched one scene from "Baby's Big Day Out" (if I have the title correct...) being filmed from my office window, and somewhere have a piece of the fake toy store that was blown up in the opening scene of "Child's Play."

Honestly, however, these aren't the most exciting points to visit, unless you always wanted to stand in the same spot as Heath Ledger, or find one of these to be your most favorite movie of all time. Lower Wacker Drive was recently revamped, so it doesn't look the same as it did in Dark Knight anymore.