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  1. CTVT Mad Monster Castle review
  2. CTVT vests
  3. CTVT Chachi
  4. KISS Series 4 Monster figures shipping now
  5. CTVT 12" bodies. Pee-stanz problem
  6. CTVT order and shipping
  7. 8" retro batman figures coming soon?
  8. Figures Toy Co. announces new licenses!
  9. Figures Toy Co. new site
  10. New Sub Forum....
  11. Figures, PLEASE finish WGSH and MORE!
  12. KISS series 5 Dressed To Kill
  13. New Bodies. Wow.
  14. Thank You Figures Inc. (CTVT) !!!
  15. Wave one of the Batman Retros are up for Pre-Order at Figures Toy
  16. Egghead and Romero Joker proto roto sculpts - painted samples!
  17. Batman 66 Lineup
  18. Why not a Super Friends cartoon license? 40th Anniversary 1973-2013
  19. Teen Titans license could work
  20. Will Evel Knievel have a helmet?
  21. Which RETRO Batman characters do you want that Mego NEVER made?
  22. Could pocket superheroes return?
  23. Round 2 has DC & Marvel licenses, why not Figures?
  24. Retro Batman Card
  25. How much new CTVT stuff will be used for the new lines
  26. The DC WGSH future releases?
  27. Batmobile?
  28. Robin's boots, gloves, belt
  29. 8" vs. 12"
  30. Batman's boots, gloves, and belt
  31. Using Mattel's Batmobile for CTVT figures?
  32. Rest of DC? maybe. Marvel? not at this time
  33. Evel Knievel
  34. Greatest American Hero
  35. TV Batgirl PURPLE costume pictured on Batman COMIC ART case
  36. World's Greatest Heroes! Full-Page Ad
  37. New 12 and 8 inch bodies for the Dukes line up
  38. Anyone else stoked about the REH license?!
  39. SUPERFRIENDS: An Ideal Mego Line! I wish!!
  40. SUPER FRIENDS: An ideal Mego Line: I Wish!
  41. The Incredible Hulk TV Series
  42. Miami Vice Line
  43. Hawaii Five-O line
  44. Retro Batman figures $262.50?!? at dcbs
  45. Star Blazes
  46. Mego Museum interviews Anthony Balasco of Figures Toy Company
  47. You knew it was comng...What NEW DC 8" figures, vehcles and playsets do you WANT?
  48. Figures DC license also includes cartoons but NOT movies or live action TV shows
  49. Dukes of Hazzard line: If Figures Makes Vehciles, Which Ones Would You Want?
  50. We need 12" DC Comics figures, too!
  51. Series 2 Batman Retro for preorder
  52. Figures "Ten Titans" stuff---a review?
  53. Will there be new fist-fighters?
  54. You know what would be funny?
  55. Kiss parts being sold seperately now
  56. Original Kiss Repro Line
  57. Are there any Mego-likes that you would like to see reproduced?
  58. World's Greatest Heroes! New "Series 2" Full-Page Ad
  59. Cocktail umbrellas?
  60. Oven mitts on new DC characters...yes or no?
  61. Does anybody else feel old?
  62. How Much Would You Pay For a Repro Mego Van?
  63. Why are the new retro figures not available on their website?
  64. Batmobile 1966
  65. Question about new Batman Figures?
  66. Batman 66 figures
  67. Alter Egos Bruce and Dick Question
  68. Conan The Barbarian, Solomon Kane & Kull The Conqueror
  69. Any chance we'll get a Commissioner Gordon figure?
  70. Kiss 12' monster series
  71. Hot, hot, Hotter than Hell
  72. The Farrow is sculpting the Batman '66 line!
  73. New retro figures wish list
  74. BatMan Wave 2 - a disappointment?
  75. Retro Superman Line Wish List
  76. Vehicles / Playsets?
  77. Think we'll ever get different alter ego sculpts?
  78. Does the Batman 66 license include rights to make Green Hornet and Kato?
  79. CTVT and shipping costs
  80. Anyone want to go in on a clamshell order with me?
  81. Evil Knievel.......ROCKS!!!
  82. Where is the 66 Batman stuff????
  83. Removable Mask Robin question
  84. Guitars!
  85. How durable is the new "hulk" repro body?
  86. World's Greatest Heroes! New "Series 3" Full-Page Ad
  87. Justice League Carry Case
  88. Now it's November?
  89. GOOD NEWS for DC 8" figures!
  90. Will new Evel Knieval be compatible with old Ideal Bike?
  91. Are Wonder Woman figures from the 70s TV series possible ?
  92. CTVT Jet Jungle
  93. Kiss On Clearance at Bg Bad Toy Store
  94. Kiss Figures: 8" bodies question
  95. For anyone interested - Munsters & I Love Lucy photos
  96. Batman and Robin 66 - sold out?
  97. Duke pictures
  98. Dallas Pictures
  99. Not Happy with This News....
  100. Retro Batman
  101. Release dates.
  102. just an observation . . . .
  103. batgirl 1966 now a possibility
  104. Dukes,dallas and evel knievel are ready for pre-order at figures
  105. World's Greatest Presidents Talking Figure - NOT Mego
  106. Hammered for shipping
  107. Batman Retro Series 1 production samples from Figures Toy
  108. Teen Titan!!
  109. Official Poll for Series Two Teen Titans
  110. Release date for retro Batman series 2 ?
  111. Teen Titans Wave 2 - Polls are open!
  112. Teen Titans Robin card art from Figures Toy! Don't forget to vote for Wave 2!
  113. If there were JSA and Legion waves ....
  114. DCBS has Evel and JR but NOT Teen Titans or Dukes in October order
  115. Are 12" DC figures possible?
  116. Anyone Knows if Figures Toy Company Will be Exhibiting Product at NYCC ???
  117. Figuretoyscoompany
  118. Figures needs to improve on Mattel Multiverse Movieverse 4" figures!
  119. Series 2 on its way to the Bronx
  120. They’re back! The Official World’s Greatest Heroes from Figures Toy have landed!
  121. My take on the Retro Batman line so far
  122. Tarzan Action Figures
  123. Superman please please!
  124. Should have ordered online
  125. I Can't F...ing Believe It!...
  126. retail stores?
  127. Batman Zap ! Pow! Bam! plastic stands?
  128. New photos of series one
  129. Any word on batman series 2?
  130. Whats next from CTV?
  131. 2012 Mad Monsters.
  132. Fastest of em all makes me want to order more!
  133. KISS - Dressed To Kill
  134. When did they get shorts?
  135. CTVT Black cowboy hat--curled brim?
  136. Evel
  137. How your Batman figures are made.
  138. More from the toy company
  139. Retro Catwoman
  140. I remember when ...
  141. The Catwomen I'd like to see Megos of.
  142. I challenge members on here to
  143. Has Anyone Altered the Gigantic Clamshells For Mad Monsters, KISS, Etc?
  144. First pics 1966 tv batman, robin, joker, riddler!
  145. Any other NEW FTC licenses for 2014? Is Marvel Comics possible?
  146. Happy Holidays!!
  147. FTC 18" DC figures?
  148. Retro Batman Series 2 shipping!
  149. Just Ordered Evel.
  150. Big Sale on KISS figures!
  151. My FTC story
  152. CTVT Site sales?
  153. Justic league?
  154. 1st FTC Kit-Bash BATMAN?
  155. RC Batman
  156. Wave 2
  157. Will FTC attend 2014 Toy Fair Feb. 16-19?
  158. Its high time for a NEW FTC INTERVIEW what's in store for 2014 current & new licenses
  159. Figures Toy Company... a look back
  160. Conan Card Art
  161. Customer Service
  162. Parting out Conan and Evel pieces...
  163. Removing the figures from the card
  164. A Purr-fect Opportunity for FTC
  165. Should the FTC's Figures be exact replicas of the original Megos?
  166. Mummy's head is off (Mad Monster Series)
  167. Is it possible FTC can do individual Marvel characters??
  168. CTVT Male bodies' quality
  169. Wave 3 Robin
  170. Quick question about these very nice toys!
  171. Any comments on the new female body?
  172. Anyone else surprised that Wave 2 came so quickly
  173. Entertainment Earth and Wave 2
  174. Why not get a license people will actually buy?
  175. Kiss head related question
  176. Harry Potter?
  177. KISS Alive Figures
  178. Batman's belt position on FTC figure
  179. Figures Toy Company/Wrestling Superstore Carrying Case Question
  180. Dick Grayson must have been hanging out with Miley Cyrus
  181. Teen Titans
  182. Any guesses on who will be in waves four and five?
  183. Wave 3
  184. Motorcycle outfits
  185. Alfred prototpye on FTC Facebook Page
  186. Commissioner Gordon prototype figure - Series 4
  187. Guesses for a fourth Bat-wave
  188. Need NON-Batman DC characters, too!
  189. FTC reveals WGH Series 4 lineup, Teen Titans Series 2, and other 2014 releases!
  190. DC once again trumps Marvel in the toy dept!
  191. How will FTC tackle Hawkman's wings?
  192. But what do we call them?
  193. Anyone restrung yet?
  194. 66 bat accessories also coming
  195. Complete list of all WGH released and announced
  196. Nightwing thoughts and comments
  197. new pics!
  198. Just got my series two WGH!!
  199. Mr. Freeze Reveal
  200. Anyone here pick up the new Evel Knievel figures?
  201. Series 3 Removable cowl Batman
  202. 18-Inch Format... Why?
  203. The side by side.... Robin Thrice
  204. Kiss Alive
  205. FTC: Superfriends is more than likely
  206. James Bond line?
  207. Finally got and opened my Wave 1 and 2
  208. Kiss FTC Body Question
  209. When are the wave 1 Teen Titans due out?
  210. Have any Superman pics been released?
  211. I just watched my dvd of the first megomeet and
  212. Would this make a good FTC line?
  213. Legion of Superheroes
  214. Anyone switch FTC Riddler to Type S body?
  215. Can FTC make 18" figures of Mego 12" Magnetic Batman, Superman Movie, Wonder Woman TV
  216. New Batman 1966 pictures up on FTC's FB page
  217. Coming soon – Batman 1966 from Figures Toy Co.
  218. Anyone selling wholesale cases of Batman '66?
  219. Anyone else pre-order series 2 and 3 from The Mego Store?
  220. Did anyone get the 8 inch Dukes?
  221. Isis sandals
  222. Guesses as to Batman Wave 5 lineup?
  223. You know what I'd like to see?
  224. What other Heroes do want to see from FTC?
  225. Is Figures going to release a T1 Body???
  226. Can FTC produce a repro Mego Batmobile?
  227. What Movie and TV DC 8" figures do you want?
  228. General Lee for 8" Dukes
  229. FTC KISS figure head transplant?
  230. FTC Superman a go!
  231. Who wants Red Sonja?
  232. Anyone know how sales are going?
  233. FTC versions vs. Mattel Retro?
  234. FTC confirms on its FB page that a new Riddler & 3 different Catwoman figs 4 66 line
  235. Looks like confirmation that FTC has the entire DC catalog.
  236. Teen Titans?
  237. FTC announces Marvel mego's !!!!!!!!
  238. Batman 66 Wave 1, Batman Wave 3 or Teen Titans Wave 1, which hits first?
  239. KISS Alive! I am pleased.
  240. Without vehicles are they worth it?
  241. FTC female body question
  242. FTC Limited Edition DC 2-Packs
  243. FTC confirms on its FB page 'most, if not all' of characters pictured on the back of
  244. Got KISS Love Gun loose
  245. Does FTC have any plans to bring back CAH or Pocket Super Heroes?
  246. Bleeding Cool covers FCT Superhero two-packs
  247. New Head Scuplts from Series 4
  248. FTC Scarecrow headsculpt redux...
  249. Re-Mego
  250. Am I the only one?