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  1. Super Friends Aquaman!
  2. Late to the Party: Super Powers The Flash
  3. FTC Superfriends Wonder Woman on Cheetah Body (upgraded with lasso and cuffs)
  4. Now Shipping: The Flash, Green Lantern and Plastic Man on Retro Cards!
  5. Mattel figures in original cards
  6. Superman carrying case
  7. Who else is a completist on the '66 Batman line?
  8. FTC bodies...
  9. Batman 66: Series 3 Angry Head
  10. #MMFTCNEWS Shazam and Teen Titans Exclusive First Look
  11. They made the 12" women's body!
  12. Batman (from Batman Series 4)
  13. CTVT scalloped capes?
  14. Which Monkees to get?
  15. Super Powers Green Lantern
  16. FTC 12" Female Body Review.
  17. The Justice League of America!
  18. Wendy and Marvin: Did I miss this?
  19. Up Close: Super Friends Wave 2
  20. Toy Cade vote for Batman $12.95
  21. #MMFTCNEWS SuperFriends Wave 3
  22. Retro 8 Inch Fist Fighting Four-Packs
  23. CHIPS action Figures Mego
  24. Why don't they sell.......?
  25. SUPER FRIENDS: Hawkman and Future Villain Release Ideas
  26. FTC extra chest stickers?
  27. Brady Bunch Re-Mego
  28. Aqua man vs. The Great White Shark compared
  29. Time for another What Figures/Waves are you more looking forward to???
  30. Kresge Vs. Batman Series 4 Scarecrow
  31. #mmftc news superfriends wave five
  32. Tarzan Figures 30% off at EE
  33. Announced Figures
  34. Incomplete lines?
  35. Why doesn't Super Friends Wonder Woman have her LASSO?!
  36. Series 3 Fist Fighters
  37. Any chance we could get figures based on The adventures of Superman TV series?
  38. Kresge Retro 8 Inch Emerald City Comics Exclusive Batman with Removable Cowl
  39. Best Wonder Woman?
  40. Toycade!
  41. FTC Retro Isis
  42. Right Limb Shortages?
  43. Are the Teen Titans figures out yet?
  44. New Retro Carded Superheroes at Figures Toy Company
  45. Martian Manhunter
  46. Per-Mego Newsletter... Superboy Pre-orders are available!
  47. Batman Classic TV 8 Inch Batgirl Variant-Emerald City Comics and Tampa Bay Comic Con
  48. Female figures with "open leg"
  49. Nightwing - New Teen Titans pictures and review
  50. Captain Sivana pictures and review
  51. FTC clothing fabric makeup? Polyester or Blend?
  52. Happy Days
  53. The World's Mightiest Boy!
  54. Lucy 2005 figures
  55. The New Teen Titans Series 1
  56. Retro Carded Superheroes - alternate Batman packaging
  57. More Monkees
  58. FTC on FB - more DC protos
  59. Shazam! Series One
  60. Coloring FTC chain mail jumpsuit
  61. Quality of the CTVT Female Bodies?
  62. Ftc riddler suit
  63. Jokermobile??
  64. Nightwing Redux
  65. Signed Titans variants up for pre-order
  66. Coming Soon - Silver Age Batgirl from Batman Series 5
  67. FTC Figures are in the Me-TV website store!
  68. Lil D takes on Aquaman and the Great White Shark
  69. FTC Figures on Sale at EE
  70. Super Friends Universe of Evil Super Enemies 5 figures set!
  71. Vault Collectibles & FTC. Artist Proof variant, signed George Perez Wonder Woman
  72. 12" Gilligan's Island and Dukes On Sale at FTC
  73. Teen Titans Beach Van
  74. Classic TV Toys
  75. Classic TV Toys has Isis parts!
  76. Direct from Smallville...the Boy of Steel!
  77. Could FTC sell Mego 12" DC heads & costume parts for 12" bodies on CTVT site?
  78. A familiar name picked up the Titans
  79. Make your own Van, Courtesy of FTC!
  80. Isn't it time for Wonder Woman Series 1?
  81. EC Comics 'Exclusive' Solid box action figure set.
  82. A Little FTC (CTVT) Fun!
  83. It's Back! Return of the Plastic Melt!
  84. Mego Newsletter presents The Super Friends Series 3
  85. Batlab? Anyone got one yet?
  86. Ma Kent
  87. MeTV FTC commerical
  88. FTC figures on sale today at EE
  89. Extra bodies for Diamond Retro Mego figures?
  90. FTC Lex Luthor head review
  91. FTC on Facebook wants YOUR suggestions for NEW licenses, brands, shows!
  92. Secret Indentity Peter!
  93. New from FTC...18" Apache Chief?
  94. FTC Carrying cases
  95. Flash Wave 1
  96. Isis as parts
  97. FTC Clark Kent SI hat?
  98. Batman '66 Villains Accessory set--Make it so!
  99. Monkees question
  100. Super Friends now listed at EE with free shipping
  101. Loose VS Carded Debate
  102. Bagged and Purple
  103. Any Interest in Pokemon Go style clothes?
  104. Super Friends Wave 2 $75
  105. Supe-rfriends waves 1,2,3,4 on S-types
  106. Toyman arrives-revised display
  107. Super Friends is FTC best line, best Re Mego line yet!
  108. FTC - Batman 66 Question.
  109. Scooby Doo where are you?
  110. New FTC female boots and gloves
  111. Official What DC Characters do you want to see next? Thread
  112. Bonus Poll: What DC Team do you most want from FTC
  113. Loose Turning Heads and Falling Rubber Gloves. Fixable or not?
  114. #MMFTCNEWS Thread for the week: New Figure Announcement
  115. 2 pack Batcave Treasures exclusives
  116. Display Stands for Mego Figures?
  117. More DC first appearances action figures
  118. Wayne Foundation remake?
  119. FTC Batmobile ?
  120. Super Powers Wave One is $45 with free shipping today
  121. All I want for Christmas is my two ... Batman '66 Catwomen!
  122. #MMFTCNEWS Batman Wave 5
  123. Hawkman: The Biggest Challenge for FTC?
  124. New Deals this weekend at EE
  125. Cyber Monday Deal: 18" RM Robin
  126. Wishing For Something Cool To Order To Be Here By Christmas
  127. Up Close: Super Friends Wave 4
  128. Deep Discounted Figures at EE
  129. I Wanna Rock!!!!!!
  130. year end clearance at EE
  131. Choose your Fate
  132. So, did anyone get any FTC for Christmas?
  133. EL Dorado [Super Friends]
  134. Superanimals
  135. Announced Figures 2017
  136. Discontinued solid green army jacket for 8 inch figures
  137. Correct Cap Jr., Return of Mary, Awkard BB and Baggy Pants Robin
  138. What If...FTC Poison Ivy (Batman Series 5 or other)
  139. Is no one else surprised by the size of Hawk and Dove?
  140. Damaged clamshells - factory-related?
  141. FTC's International Shipping is more reasonable on Ebay
  142. 90s era DC figures?
  143. Teen Titans Robin and Beast Boy
  144. 1966 False Face?
  145. NEW FTC 2017 items!!
  146. New Catwoman now available
  147. What about the pooches?
  148. Action Jackson heads at FTC
  149. Johnny Quest!
  150. Superboy aka "It's Hard To Complain When You See What You are Getting..."
  151. Teen Titans Robin (and Wendy and Marvin)
  152. Wendy and Marvin Pictures
  153. Custom Projects to Ponder
  154. Martian Manhunter Question
  155. Scooby Doo reviews?
  156. Custom J.Q. Bandit
  157. Possible Solution to Bobble Head Problem? Inquiring Mind Wants to Know
  158. Well This Sucks!!
  159. New boxed figures, any chance the boxes will be fixed?
  160. FTC Mego Box vs. Original Mego Box (w/pics)
  161. CTVT Bruce Wayne head
  162. Batman 66 wave 6 confirmed plus all henchmen coming from FTC...
  163. Happy VD from Figures Toy
  164. WOW! Batcave Delexue with 2 Loose figures
  165. Spaaaaace Ghost!
  166. New licenses
  167. Justice League Movie Inspired Pics from FTC Collection
  168. #MMFTCNEWS this week!
  169. Holey moley!!!
  170. Batman Wave 5 Two Face
  171. Thoughts on the FTC Batlab?
  172. Excelsior Toys Exclusives, March '17
  173. FTC Poison Ivy
  174. Plastic Memorial's interview with FTC. Lots of stuff coming...
  175. The year of the Cat
  176. Complete rat's nest
  177. So many figures - how do you rank them?
  178. Space Ghost enhancements
  179. Space Ghost is GOOD!
  180. Has anyone designed a custom backing card for an FTC Commisioner Gordon figure?
  181. Batman 66 Removeable Mask Robin?
  182. 1966 Batcave???
  183. golden age DC COMICS characters
  184. Batman wave 5 thoughts...
  185. Batmobile and Batcycle update - they WILL roll!
  186. Meow Kitty Kitty!
  187. WIP Paul Stanley head
  188. Jonny Quest figures
  189. Super Friends review
  190. Oldsmar flea market
  191. Classic TV Toys rdering Site Down?
  192. Gleek
  193. FTC at Walmart???
  194. MMFTCNEWS: 1st Look at Dynomutt and Radley Crown
  195. Do Figures Inc. Heads Match Vintage T1 Mego Bodies?
  196. WTB: Figues Inc KISS Alive 8"
  197. #MMFTCNEWS Wonder Woman Wave One exclusive Reveal
  198. Batman Series 5 Pictures
  199. Anyone not want Mobile Crime Lab Penguin?
  200. New Parts in New 2017 Listings on ClassicTVToys Site!!!
  201. Looking for inspiration
  202. #MMFTCNEWS Luthor and Brainiac Reveal
  203. FTC Super Friends Capt Cold?
  204. toycade comics and toys
  205. retired figures
  206. Bat Lab
  207. #MMFTCNEWS Scarecrow and Sinestro Reveal
  208. Batmobile from the comics to fit 8 inch figures?
  209. New SUPERMAN Figure Available at FTC
  210. New FTC Batmobiles and Batcyles
  211. So much new stuff available!
  212. Brainiac
  213. FTC Grundy
  214. Figures should do Fantastic 4 remegos
  215. Superfriends Series 6 on S-types (except Braniac and Sinestro)
  216. Rima the Jungle Girl
  217. FTC Clark Kent hat?
  218. Solomon Grundy, arrived on Monday...
  219. FINALLY!!! KISS Destroyer 8" Figures!!!!!
  220. Announced Figures
  221. Short-sleeved Lex?
  222. Batman Scarecrow with Wizard of Oz Scarecrow's hat?
  223. Ebay Gift Card
  224. Firestorm, Fate and Red Tornado
  225. More FTC at EE
  226. EE blowing away the Dukes of Hazzard today
  227. youtube reviews
  228. New FTC Svengoolie
  229. The 1966 Batman set is $53 today only
  230. Red Tornado and Dr. Fate have arrived
  231. What's next
  232. To the Batcopter!
  233. FTC bodies
  234. "Superman / Clark Kent" Emerald City Exclusive, new FTC Superman head sculpt
  235. classictvtoys.com Experience + Tips
  236. Kiss vs kiss
  237. C'mon FTC ... where's the pics (and the figures)?
  238. Gotham Police van color?
  239. New character reveals at Plastic Memory
  240. Any interest in earlier FTC 66 figures?
  241. New FTC Fall 2017 items!!
  242. FTC, Hobby Lobby & Laser Mego?
  243. Dida Display help?
  244. FTC Devil Cape
  245. Shipping in December!
  246. Entertainment Earth FTC Blowout sale
  247. FTC Bodies vs. Doc Mego Bodies
  248. Monkees heads...
  249. My First FTC Amazon Order--Thank God for A to Z!
  250. Boss Hogg is now an announcer for the WWE