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  1. Release Dates??
  2. WANTED - World's Most Dangerous VILLAINS SUGGESTIONS
  3. Figures Toy Company announces Super Powers in classic retro Mego scale
  4. FTC website now showing 'Late June' for Batman Wave 3, Teen Titans
  5. FTC says on it's FB page that Batman 66 figures start shipping next week
  6. Crime Fighter Accessories for 1966 Batman
  7. Anyone else feeling a tad overwhelmed?
  8. Dressed to Kill
  9. Figures Toy Company shows Mad Hatter prototype
  10. FTC FB update: Batman 66 figs shipping later this week, TT & BM Wave 3 Late June
  11. Anyone want Timmverse figures?
  12. Batman 66 Shipped!!!
  13. Free shipping on Wave 1 66 Batman Set
  14. Why could't FTC make the Great White Shark?
  15. Robin and Joker now showing Sold Out, Product Retired on FTC & CTVT sites
  16. Batman Wave Three production pics up on FTC's FB page
  17. 66 Synapsis with Pictures.
  18. Get ready to make some walking dead customs :)
  19. Wonder Girl Teen Titans Boots on Website
  20. Batgirl production photo
  21. Mods, a suggestion
  22. FTC body mods/repairs, tips, tricks, chains & whips
  23. Gift Certificates Now Available from FTC
  24. FTC Clams
  25. Possible Store Exclusives?
  26. So excited I can't stand it!
  27. For all you guys who collect loose - there are deals out there
  28. I just got my Catwoman! Review to follow.
  29. Classic TV Series Batman Detailed Review
  30. To those that have not gotten the Batman 66 set yet
  31. ORIGINAL Repro KISS Line
  32. Batman 66 has no hands!
  33. Space: 1999's Bergman -- now available in two halves!?
  34. BBTS already showing sold out of Joker from Batman 66
  35. Kiss DTK/Alive! heads
  36. Kolchak: The Night Stalker
  37. Opening cable tie on Batman '66 clamshell
  38. dyeing ctvt business suit?
  39. Them Dukes, them Dukes!
  40. FTC confirms on FB that Tarzan is coming 'later this year' plus...
  41. My Thoughts on the 66 Batman figures
  42. About one month away from Batman Wave 3 and TT Wave 1
  43. Entertainment Earth Exclusives!
  44. Extra Chest Symbol That Comes With Wave One Batman (Silly Question)
  45. Felonious Footwear Fix!!
  46. Thank goodness Yvonne Craig signed on, can you imagine FTC Batman 66 without Batgirl?
  47. Let's talk FTC 18" Batman 66 and DC Comics!
  48. The Mad Hatter figure makes me wonder...
  49. Any chance for Eartha Kitt Catwoman?
  50. Brown leather jackets at ctvt toys
  51. We got Adam West, Burt Ward, etc, we need Christopher Reeve, Lynda Carter and MORE!
  52. AQUA! Lad lad lad lad...
  53. Teen Titans.......anyone looking for them
  54. Anyone with the Batman/Robin 2 pack, is your Robin shorter than Bats?
  55. When did they get Invisible Girl's head?
  56. FTC series 2 pre-orders
  57. Coming soon from FTC
  58. Teen Titans on the way!
  59. EMCE Hammer, Scott Beatty how about a mid-2014 FTC interview?
  60. Don't get the new teen girl body!
  61. Batman 66 FTC Interview:
  62. I think I'm cursed!
  63. 3 New DC Superheroes.....
  64. Wonder woman!
  65. Crime Fighting Accessory Pack - Really Expensive!
  66. Batman Series 3 now shipping: Batgirl, Alfred...
  67. Cheapest Place to Order FTC - (aka Free Shipping?)
  68. Batman '66 Problems?
  69. New Long Black Leather Jacket!!
  70. Removeable Mask Robin SOLD OUT.
  71. Wonder Woman Pre-Sold OUT at BBTS
  72. FCT Removable Cowl Batman: Cool Vinyl Cape!
  73. RC Batman & Alfred SOLD OUT!
  74. Batman and Batgirl just arrived in Missouri.
  75. Batman Series 3 and Teen Titans
  76. Does FTC have the license for Isis?
  77. Just got my Batman Wave 3 and Titans figures in
  78. Wave 3 bodies AREN'T TIGHT! Can't believe no one mentioned this
  79. FTC posts X-Men movie/cartoon costumes comparison on Facebook. Hmmmm
  80. Any idea how many Teen Titans figures were made?
  81. Any definitive word on when Batman Wave 4 is coming?
  82. Best Way to Contact FTC?
  83. New factory photos - heads and costumes
  84. Batcave play set question
  85. FTC please fix hair on your female figures
  86. Regular Superman, Shazam, Green Arrow and Aquaman coming in addition to Fist Fighters
  87. Batman wave 3 shipping from EE
  88. My FTC figs and others
  90. Buttons!
  91. FTC: Maybe Superman (movie) we can't do Wonder Woman TV show
  92. Stretchy Mego guys
  93. FTC needs to bring back Comic Action Heroes
  94. Prices rising on eBay scared me, had to order 2 more sets of Batman Wave 3
  95. The FTC figures are making the vintage Megos less appealing to me
  96. Could Batman '89 be in the works as well?
  97. Was there a change in RM Robins mask
  98. I wish list WGSH
  99. mickeymoosemego, please start a NEW thread for FTC INFO you have for us
  100. News on Figures Toy Company Products
  101. Please stop saying exact reproductions!
  102. FTC announces more KISS figures are coming, including 18 inchers
  103. Whew!........barely made the cut on RC Batman and Alfred
  104. I think it's awesome how many people are excited about the FTC figures
  105. Aqualad eye repaint
  106. FTC's website now showing all the 2-packs back in stock
  107. Props to mickeymoosemegos on the SUPER surprise
  108. Great Scott! Will FTC release Megos EVERY MONTH?
  109. No one else will say it. So I will. The new stuff looks bad.
  110. BTW I will say this, not digging the card design with the latest waves
  111. Batman Wave 4?
  112. Hanna-Barbera?
  113. With 8" Wonder Woman figure pre-selling out will there be a WW LINE?
  114. Wondergirl now Sold Out on FTC's website
  115. Conan properties more expensive?
  116. What playsets/vehicles would you like to see FTC produce?
  117. BBTS has soldout on pre-orders of Superman and Supergirl
  118. Just pre ordered Superman wave 1 and fist fighters
  119. Pre-ordering from FTC
  120. The tv Robin i got today was missing his right hand.
  121. Could FTC make 1/4 18" Marvel figures?
  122. Now on the fence about the Super Powers figures
  123. Anyone interested in seeing FTC produce a JSA line of figures?
  124. FTC confirms on its FB page that it is working to shrink 'big head'
  125. Are the New Megos at SDCC?
  126. Mickey since you will be seeing FTC can you ask them
  127. Is Figures going to SDCC?
  128. Who wants new Monsters?
  129. Broken MOC Robin
  130. My Modified Batgirl
  131. Just got Alfred
  132. My hands keep falling off my Batman and Robin figures
  133. Wondering what figures will be coming up in the Neal Adams line...
  134. Should FTC sell generic Fist Fighter Bodies on their website?
  135. Older CTVT questions
  136. Did anyone get the cloth cape with their RC Batman?
  137. Issues with FTC Wonder Girl body
  138. Thank you FTC!!
  139. EE has FTC on sale this week
  140. Your personal top ten figures from FTC's revival of the DC license
  141. Perplexed by some of FTC's Dick Grayson packaging
  142. The arm on my Riddler snapped off
  143. Mickey, is Space Ghost coming and other Hanna-Barbera?
  144. They're planning Harry Potter??
  145. Teen Titans Series 2
  146. The Farrow making FTC Kiss announcement on the Electric Ballroom show
  147. Help Toycade select their next 1966 Batman exclusive!
  148. Loose Batman '66 accessories
  149. NEW FTC Limited Edition (100 each) DC Comics 2-packs Series 2 ANNOUNCED!
  150. Early Bird Superman has shipped!
  151. Wonder Woman shipping
  152. FTC Knights
  153. Something I really appreciate about FTC
  154. New female teens on their site
  155. Teen Titans packaging
  156. Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Captain Marvel
  157. Batman 66 Wave 2 pushed back to 2015??
  158. FTC posts Gleek prototype on its FB page
  159. More Announcements from The Farrow This Sunday 8/31
  160. FTC Prototype Scarecrow & Ra's Al Ghul
  161. What I'd like to see from FTC
  162. SuperFriends FTC Wave: Your Thoughts, Hopes, and Expectations
  163. No two packs until October.
  164. Just curious, is there a master list that documents release dates for original Megos?
  165. Batman 66 Accessories?
  166. Any news on the Batman 1966 Batgirl? This year or next year?
  167. 1st Appearance Opera Outfit Joker arriving Monday at Toycade!
  168. 2015 - new figures
  169. Cotswold Collectibles
  170. Coming soon from another dimension
  171. Prison Baseball Joker from Batman 66 ready and in the warehouse ...
  172. ftc wonder woman
  173. Superman wave shipping
  174. Pink Cowl Batman
  175. Batman 66 wave 2 shipping notice
  176. Aquaman VS. The Great White Shark
  177. Shipping NOW (or very, very soon)... 9/2014
  178. Kiss 2015????
  179. Supergirl Batgirl Two Pack on Ebay
  180. Super Job done by these guys....... Thanks Figures Inc. !!!
  181. Fat Albert? What do you think?
  182. Three's company
  183. Why not do individual figs of Aquaman, Shazam, GA before the 2-packs? I don't get it.
  184. Is someone talking Stooges?
  185. What to buy first? Or too many toys at once!
  186. Deal of the day !!!!!!
  187. Lookit what was waiting for me today!!!
  188. My wife said Classic TV Toys were awful to her on the phone
  189. Joker - Deluxe Edition Prison Softball Variant
  190. Those of you that have received the Early Bird Superman
  191. Building a Batcave
  192. Lottsa ReMego Love in October Previews
  193. Just got SUPER delivery!
  194. Ftc superman question
  195. I see now why everybody hated the old FTC Bodies...
  196. About time for some new figure announcements?
  197. Look what showed for me today.
  198. Well, no more pre-sale cases for me...
  199. So...someday will there be an FTC museum?
  200. Superman Wave Pictures
  201. So... CTVT Ran Out of TV Batman Series 2 Penguin & Egghead?
  202. Good Morning!
  203. Female Hero neck issue
  204. Shakespeare!
  205. What a Pleasant Surprise!!!!
  206. Has anyone NOT received DC 2 packs yet?
  207. Pics of my 2 and GA Mattel vs. GA FTC
  208. BIZARRO ! FTC posted a good-sized pic of the head sculpt & face deets!
  209. Bruce Wayne & Batman 2-pack
  210. Got Batman and Robin two pack today
  211. EE buy 1 get 1 40% off sale shipping update
  212. Just got Superman Wave 1
  213. Aquaman
  214. Wonder Girl necklace
  215. Marty Abrams.. what does he think?
  216. Thrilled with how the selection and quality of the WGSH is improving
  217. Entertainment Earth has Batman 1966 Series 2 & Superman Series 1 In-Stock
  218. Wonder Girl sold out/retired
  219. A Possible Explanation to Poseability Concerns
  220. Improvement on bodies and Fist Fighters?
  221. A moments pause in recognizing solid customer service...
  222. Goofy Super friends variant idea...
  223. Batman '66 MEGO shared exclusives now available online at shop.emeraldcitycomics.com
  224. FTC confirms on FB page today that it will be revealing Batman Wave 4 figures soon
  225. Fixes for the new CTVT body
  226. Batman 66 body with boots/gloves available
  227. How about Star Trek?
  228. Dick Grayson Undercover Agent.
  229. Christmas In October!
  230. FTC Superhero Bodies vs. Type S bodies...your thoughts?
  231. Got the new molded gloves and boots in, love them
  232. FTC New Gloves and Boots
  233. Green Arrow
  234. Female body for Supergirl, I need help
  235. Does CTV 1966 Batman figs fit in the huge Mattel 66 Batmobile?
  236. New Batman 66 figures up (series 3) on CTV site
  237. The Three Stooges!!
  238. World's Greatest Knuckleheads: 3 Stooges
  239. Gilligans Island
  240. Zena and Hercules would be fun
  241. Smokey and Bandit.
  242. Rocky Horror
  243. These Guys Should Have Snagged the Breaking Bad License...
  244. FTC just posted prototype Great White Shark pics on FB
  245. Ring of Honor Announces Toy Licensing Deal
  246. the A team and the Monkees suggestions
  247. Translucent belts
  248. Don't place a small order - shipping rip off
  249. Conan heads!
  250. Classic TV Toys (Figures) no longer replaces defective items