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  1. Will Retro Green Lantern include a lantern?
  2. Joker, Riddler or SCARECROW!
  3. Character Style Choices SUPERFRIENDS vs. BRONZE AGE COMICS or...
  4. Problem with Matty GA.
  5. Giganta or Cheetah?
  6. I will Video tapping EMCE at toy fair.
  7. BRAINIAC, BIZARRO, OR TOYMAN: Which Superman villain should follow?
  8. Ocean Master of Black Manta!
  9. Do you want to see Wonder Twins, Apache Chief, Black Vulcan and Samurai?
  10. Question for the Doc
  11. Black Lightning or Black Vulcan?
  12. Is there a market for new Doctor Who Megos?
  13. an idea -- Greatest Universal TV Detectives and Investigators
  14. possible marvel emce characters?
  15. Batman: Long Ears or Short?
  16. boxes or cards
  17. EMCE POTA tv series figures?
  18. New info from Matty.com, females and exclusives
  19. How do you want to see the Re-Mego Shazam portrayed?
  20. Let's talk about Isis.
  21. Will Retro DC go the way DCUC has...
  22. New matty.com forum
  23. Did any other Canadians get charged Duty for their Matty purchases?
  24. February News?
  25. Do you want Black Adam or Dr Sivana/Mr Mind?
  26. Star Trek yellow shirts
  27. From Toymania.com
  28. If Lost is a huge hit..make a van
  29. Which TWILIGHT ZONE figures do you want to see?
  30. Flash Gordon
  31. *sighs* my megos are breaking.
  32. Matty Collector Question
  33. Bad ebay pic of series one Retro action carded. Is this legit?
  34. ABC's Lost figures
  35. Retro Green Arrow Mattel
  36. Seeking EMCE Loose Spock, Gorn, Andorian, Romulan and Mugato
  37. New close up pics of carded wave 1 DC heroes!!
  38. Could Marvel get a piece of the action ?
  39. Dexter Fans!
  40. Did I miss the release party? Look at this
  41. Release date for retro action DC
  42. Eddie surgery blog
  43. retro heroes
  44. Retro Superhero Price Check
  45. I got my Green Arrow!!!
  46. Any chance of retro style playsets for the DC heroes?
  47. retro hero arrival
  48. Wave 1 Loose pictures
  49. DC Mattel Retro Superhero Army Builder ?
  50. Spot the Mego! (Title stolen from Monty Python)
  51. I was wrong about the NeoMegos
  52. My retros just delivered!
  53. Forum header pic
  54. Did anyone notice the WGSH Logo On the Shipping Box
  55. Where to buy?
  56. Standing problems...how I fixed 'em.
  57. Prototypes and Announcements
  58. My GL's noggin is too large
  59. wave 2 updates?????
  60. Amazon is showing Feb 22-Mar 1 shipping
  61. Got mine today!
  62. Matty: New York Toy Fair Reveals Coming February 15th
  63. Just a thought
  64. BifBangPow: ToyFair
  65. My New Mattel Mego's with something a little extra?
  66. [COLOR="Red"]Broken Superman[/COLOR]?
  67. BiffBangPow/EMCE pix from Toyfair
  68. superman head fix
  69. Universal Monsters?
  70. Star Trek
  71. Wave 2: Retro Action Batman/DC
  72. what does marty think?
  73. Whats the word Doc?
  74. Ghostbusters
  75. How 'far out' do you think the Retro DC figures will go?
  76. Aquaman, Batman, Manta, Two Face: Retro Superheroes Pix
  77. Why no Diamond Trek pics?
  78. Star Trek EMCE
  79. My favorite Toy Fair Moment!
  80. What's the verdict on the EMCE POTAs?
  81. Distribution to match great releases
  82. When do Venture Brothers go up for pre-order?
  83. Facebook page for EMCE/Doc Mego?
  84. DC Heroes wave 2 preorder
  85. Wave 1 Availability? Where to buy?? Shipping time?
  86. What I did with my GL body Ungawah
  87. Removable cowl Batman
  88. Emce's Trek redesign decisions
  89. How should Retro Action Teen Titans be done?
  90. Mission to Gamma VI playset
  91. Enter The Tournament!!
  92. Why no pictures of BBP/EMCE Flash Gordon?
  93. Will Canadian TRU be getting Mattel Superheroes?
  94. Retro Lex Review....
  95. Dexter and Dark Shadows question
  96. Any chance on new female heads?
  97. EMCE Gorn question
  98. Suppose EMCE/Mattel were to release a Retro Action Catwoman...
  99. Amazon Arrrrrrrg
  100. Superman!
  101. Suppose EMCE/MATTEL releases a Supergirl...
  102. Mattel! Want collectors to stop complaining?
  103. How would you want to see Mxyzptlk?
  104. So how about Brainiac?
  105. My figures are on their way
  106. Joker and Penguin by Mattel...
  107. Overdoing it (again)?
  108. Wave 3 Predictions (why not?)
  109. Star Trek heads.........
  110. A clue to future waves?
  111. They're available on Toys r us online now
  112. TZ, Flash Gordon and More figures pre-order on Entertainment Earth
  113. Anyone see this yet?
  114. Mattel Superman on Castaway body...
  115. Mattel Green Lantern on Castaway body...
  116. I like the Mattel Boots.
  117. super-friends
  118. Twilight Zone Picture
  119. Lex Luthor variation?
  120. Cuffs
  121. Amazon.com
  122. BigBadToyStore
  123. Sinestro color
  124. Is there a list of Emce toys?
  125. Wave One arrived at my house
  126. My Mattel Megos with Cast-A-Way Body!
  127. What about Smallville?
  128. Matty Green Arrow
  129. Getting Wave 1
  130. Wave 2 in April?
  131. How do you swap Mattel bodies/heads/hands?
  132. WANTED - yer dead mattel bodies
  133. Green Lantern improvements?
  134. Doctor Mego Alternative?
  135. Number of figures in Mattel Case
  136. damn, the retro DC are awesome on the CAW body
  137. Size of the eyes on Wave 1 figures
  138. Smokey and the Bandit?
  139. Vice is nice........
  140. Showing The Love For Doc Mego & Mattel
  141. SKU # for TRU Mattels
  142. no longer available on TRU.com?
  143. Open your Retro Action Heroes or leave them sealed?
  144. best way to swap hands?
  145. Boil and pop
  146. body swap tutorial?
  147. Accessories, will Doc's site expand?
  148. How will the Mattel Retro figures look in 20 years?
  149. Is the new line of WGSH a success?
  150. Hall of Justice GL
  151. DC Retro Boil & Pop Tragedy
  152. Any ideas on tinting the heads?
  153. Emce body Swap or two...........
  154. Condensation? Oil? Something inside plastic window of Retro-Heroes
  155. AMAZON has new figs listed - WW, Capt. Cold, FLASH more - old news?
  156. Found some Youtube reviews of Retro Action
  157. Simple "Hunch Back" Fix
  158. This Year in Star Trek
  159. swapping bodies
  160. rooting Lex Luthor
  161. Is my Retro Superman's nose melting the bubble?
  162. Anyone Need retro SuperMan OR GL
  163. OK who is your favorite of wave 1?
  164. Restringing EMCE
  165. Tanning up those Matty's: a tutorial
  166. Starting to swap the heads of the new WGSH out...
  167. My vist to TRU
  168. Mattel EMCE Hybrid Body
  169. Question: Mattel backer cards & Super Clams
  170. $130 for Melting-goo figures? Any help, or answers, on the horizon?
  171. Problems with New Retro Emblems
  172. do NOT try to boil and pop these new Retro figures
  173. has anyone mentioned this Green Lantern variation?
  174. Mattel Mego hybrid
  175. Superman Review at mwctoys.com
  176. State of the 2010 Megos (Mattel Edition)
  177. OK. I haven't seen the answer to this..
  178. My review of the new mattel figures
  179. Remove from Card ????
  180. My Dream Neo MEGO collection.
  181. Got them off the peg today
  182. Repairing Uhura's pelvis
  183. More On Long Island!!!!
  184. Amazon Pre-order ?
  185. how many retro action waves in 2010?
  186. Got My stitched Lex Luther Today
  187. Diamond delivers WGH figures on Wednesday
  188. Y'know what'd be cool if Mattel did with the Retro figures?
  189. More Matty ?
  190. Check your retro figures before you buy them
  191. RETRO-HEROES in Massachusetts
  193. Is it possible to get new costumes from Matell
  194. anyone try to shrink the boots?
  195. New EMCE figures?
  196. Green Lantern turtleneck vs flat?
  197. Diamond finally shipping DC Retro Heroes
  198. Wave 2
  199. Retro Action Green Arrow back in stock on Matty May 17
  200. DC Retro:one elastic or two
  201. Favorite New Mattel
  202. Hey Dr Mego! Bridge Request!
  203. picked up my Super-Foes today
  204. Mattelegos for Easter or later
  205. In the comic shop today, guess what I found?
  206. Opened a Superman today... Warning, bummer!
  207. Fixing the gauntlet length on Retro DC
  208. If Wave 2 comes out in July, when does Mattel stop making Wave 1?
  209. Got 3 out of 4 of wave 1
  210. Give your Mattel prediction: Will they make a Hawkman?
  211. Marvel WGSH?
  212. EMCE Trek and Apes completists?
  213. I think we should try to start organizing this:
  214. Emce hands
  215. All at TRU on 42nd Street Times Square
  216. Green Arrow orders from Canada
  217. Why EMCE starts a line and then ends it?
  218. How do you want Mattel's Wonder Woman to look?
  219. I am not waiting on a DOUBLE...
  220. Anyone found Superman/GA/Sinestro variants?
  221. Do you want to see Vehicles and Playsets for the DC Retro line?
  222. Should Mattel have its own category on this board?
  223. Unstitched Lex
  224. How do you want Mattel to handle Robin?
  225. Lots o' questions/thoughts and praise for the new line
  226. How about the Hanna Barbera Superheroes?
  227. body issues
  228. I urge folks to post on Mattycollector forums also.
  229. How well is Sinestro selling?
  230. Movie Masters superman?
  231. Mattel Batman Villians??
  232. Speaking of Sinestro...
  233. Bif Bang Pow Lost SDCC exclusive pre-order
  234. Next Wave for Trek, drop date?
  235. jimsmegos review of Mattel Superman
  236. Newbie ? EMCEE Figures
  237. Which LOST characters do you want to see next?
  238. DOC! Tell us about the Retro Ghostbusters Line!!!!
  239. Question about Waves
  240. So Many Mego Knock Offs
  241. What Could Have Been...
  242. gotta be selling well!
  243. Non-TRU Mattel sighting in Baltimore
  244. Thanks!
  245. Mego Museum figure?
  246. Lex Luthor Variants
  247. Green Arrow reissue
  248. Anyone want Jason of Star Command?
  249. Idea for new EMCE line
  250. What Venture Brothers characters do you want to see next?