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  1. It's a fact... Megos are swell!
  2. Some questions
  3. Re-stringing for trade goods?
  4. Fixing fist fighters...
  5. Spiderman Box Questions
  6. Star trek bridge playset from the motion picture
  7. Boss Hogg Hat?? Unique to him or not
  8. ST:TMP Carded Figures With Cardboard Inserts?
  9. Would this Fist-Fighter Superman repair bother you?
  10. ** Help! white film or residue in bubble? **
  11. a type2 monster?
  12. Plastic preservation, museum concerns
  13. How rare is my mexican 13inch Spidey
  14. Fist Fighter Joker
  15. Pirate hat question
  16. MEGO 1971 MYSTERY MAN Figure
  17. HS Dinah factory leg quirk
  18. Year on Head Doesn't Match Body???
  19. Removing fuzz from suits
  20. Pota Question?
  21. Carded figures with broken knees - open or leave sealed?
  22. Why does my Cornelius have green ears?
  23. Comic Action And Pocket SuperHeroes Accessaries
  24. Shazam Question...
  25. Greying
  26. POTA Treehouse vs. AJ Treehouse - Any Differences?
  27. Super-Foes Numbering?
  28. Curious carded Zira
  29. Mego Carry Case stain under AQUAMAN...
  30. Comic Action/Pocket Hero Batman: Why the rubber head?
  31. Wonder Girl Question
  32. Cleaning in safety
  33. Putting a nem head on
  34. Removing Blue Stain's from RC Bat's?
  35. Fixing wonder woman's hair?
  36. Price check Shazam MIB
  37. rc batman box
  38. How to get stains out of mego clothing
  39. Need suggestions on repairing TinMan
  40. Help with Kresge values (Superman and Batgirl)
  41. Help with value on a mego boxed dracula
  42. AHI Monsters, price check
  43. Fixing a vintage head plug...
  44. vintage or reproduction p.o.t.a carded figures?
  45. Removing Mold Stains? Any tips
  46. Which Wonder Woman Variation is Rarer?
  47. Tightening my 12" Hulk...help!
  48. mightor
  49. Removing pen or sharpie writing???
  50. Cruddy carded or Mint Loose?
  51. Looking for tips on de-graying invisible girl head.
  52. Hi there, and Price Check on WW Invisible Plane MIB
  53. Head pain(t)...
  54. Skinny Boots Value Rarity check
  55. type1 plastic joint Aquaman?
  56. Mr. Fantastic (Almost) Head Question
  57. Mego Melting, Can anything be done to stop it?
  58. wild bill vest rare in dark or light?
  59. Can someone explain what happened to this box?
  60. Web handed Aquaman in the 1978 catalogs?
  61. Cipsa Apes
  62. Need a SpiderCar mechanic...
  63. Removing gloss varnish from belt.
  64. How many pieces does the yellow brick road have?
  65. Batman FF
  66. Kresge Superman value
  67. Bat emblem for Batcopter...
  68. 12" knee pin question
  69. Can't find Tire Wet for degraying process...
  70. Please help me Identify these parts!
  71. Can you remove 'runs' in clothes?
  72. ??? about Smirking Myx
  73. Bat Cave playset question
  74. Dorothy shoes varient??
  75. Denim carded pocket heroes
  76. Secret identity Neck markings
  77. Green odd chair ???
  78. What's the story on the Star Trek cameo art anyway?
  79. Mighty Mightor? Mego or no?
  80. how prevalent are recards/fakes?
  81. Hutch Boot Variations
  82. Variations on the Secret Identity outfits???
  83. 12" General Zod questions
  84. Our gang witch broom
  85. Mego stuffed King Kong
  86. FF Batman suit
  87. Im new here and need help
  88. Need help identifying mego/ teen titans body
  89. Joker
  90. How to shape the figure W/ card and clean display case
  91. Lancelot's helmet
  92. need help idenifying boots
  93. Is There a Mego Doctor in the House - Teen Flash is Hurt!!!
  94. mego starsky
  95. Mexican fist fighters
  96. Cispa ape bpdy question?
  97. Mugato belt decal....
  98. Hulk question
  99. 1973 Mego insert catalog from Spain
  100. How far did Logan run?
  101. Help needed to switch heads
  102. Price for a carded Mego Robin
  103. Playset dimensions
  104. Fist Fighting Robin tunic.
  105. Astronaut helmet vs. Scramble Cycle helmet
  106. star trek emblems
  107. 79 Robin source art found
  108. Gluing Mego plastic??
  109. About Wonder Woman (12 inch)
  110. Witch Glinda body is T2
  111. Tightening joints?
  112. Mego Mystery Europe Clothes
  113. supergirl!!!
  114. Is this A mego Outfit
  115. how do you remove magic marked
  116. CHIPS question left of right handed??
  117. Dinah-Mite Shoes: Got Pics?
  118. planet of the apes question
  119. KISS Canadian "Grand Toys" version box
  120. Our Gang
  121. Lion Shoe/Claw Symbol?
  122. Price Check on Bruce Wayne Head
  123. Maroon POA Soldier
  124. General questions about Comic Action Heroes
  125. Black High Gloss Gloved Soldier Ape (Not Lizard Skin) Info Needed
  126. Black Action Jackson question
  127. Do all mego wgsh have copyright on the back of their heads
  128. Price Check on Spidey Everything
  129. T1/T2 bodies
  130. Batmobile stickers question
  131. Mego Star Wars
  132. Basa heroes: Superman, Batman and.....?
  133. Qustion About the Kresge Mummy in the Gallery
  134. Price Check on Popy Spidey
  135. how to wash a Falcon
  136. a question about originality of 8" superman doll... and another general question...
  137. Mad Mummy question about Eye Decay
  138. Diameter of a knee hole
  139. Price Check. Wgsh Cards
  140. Do Mego 'proof' cards exist?
  141. Zira "neck melt"?
  142. Mego Emerald City throne
  143. Question About Mego And Lead Paint
  144. Oz Value Question
  145. Dorothy dress variant
  146. Dukes 3 3/4 General Lee
  147. Boxed Ledy superheroes: how many known to exist?
  148. Lily Ledy box measurements anyone have them?
  149. Unusual Joe Namath Mego Toy
  150. MEGO 3.75 Dukes with The General in Box
  151. Wizard of Oz difference
  152. Need Price Check On Boxed Wizard Of Oz Wizard
  153. mego 12inch hulk
  154. What AJ's are on t2 bodies?
  155. DC Marked 12" Spidey Questions
  156. Need Help Attic found MEGO 8" Who's that guy?
  157. Question RE:waltons truck
  158. Do Mego Spock Body Mold and Head Type Numbers Match?
  159. Newbie with questions
  160. Need Help! WGSH 1974 GREEN ARROW - Wy is the neck marked N.P.P.??
  161. 1972 8" Wgsh T1 Tarzan Erb Marking In The Neck, Please Help
  162. Were AJ's ever released boxed w/ outfits?
  163. 9 1/2" Robin info needed please.
  164. fonzie body
  165. Scared To Buy A Falcon
  166. Custom New Avengers Mego...Is anything in the auction fact???
  167. Question about Non-Magentic Fly Away Batman and Robin
  168. Does a Romulan helmet have any markings inside?
  169. WALTONS Line
  170. SWAT playset
  171. Butterfly on Action Jackson
  172. Kresge, what's the cheapest?
  173. Cuffed Soldier Ape tunic question
  174. Spidey Car question...
  175. Aquman Shark
  176. Kid Flash stands alone.
  177. Questions:MM Interview with Tory Mucaro
  178. Robin Belt and Body Type Variations
  179. Mego toys distributor
  180. Questions prompted by Benjamins book.
  181. $? RM Robin -- with repro mask?
  182. POTA Astronaut
  183. Captain Zantor
  184. Question on Joe namath jersey
  185. differnt shoes on my new penguin
  186. Mego ending
  187. Quick price check on a naked Supergirl.
  188. Spy outfit boots?
  189. Why are some carded figures so rare?
  190. Action Jackson prices
  191. Correction? Sticker on 12" Magnetics
  192. Need some help on value on mego supergirl
  193. Good price for Titans without clothes or accessories?
  194. Green Carded Captain America Fist Fighter
  195. mego star trek tmp 12 inch kirk
  196. Looking for a lili ledy superman chest emblem repro
  197. The "rarest" WGSH
  198. Captain Kirk Head
  199. POTA Palitoy/Bradgate cards
  200. Was Palitoy and Grand Toys in direct competition with Mego
  201. Lion Rock question
  202. Star Trek crew boots
  203. partial degraying
  204. Dumb head question
  205. resealing boots. Help needed.
  206. Hair Rerooting Service?
  207. Other Than WGSH, Which 8" Lines Sold Well.
  208. Quick question about Wayne Foundation
  209. Captain Patch
  210. proper cleaning of mego outfit needed
  211. Who am I?
  212. Were vehicles plastic wrapped in their boxes?
  213. KISS Numbering?
  214. Pocket Super-Heroes
  215. POTA Astronaut helmet question
  216. Anyone know the rarity or not of the brown mailer Batmobile?
  217. wondergirl's arms revisited
  218. Dinah-Mite - Wild Western Hat ?
  219. Emblem glue?
  220. Acrylic Cases for Megos
  221. Company info on backs of Mego figures?
  222. Commander Zack Power
  223. Price Check on 12" Wonder Woman outfit
  224. Price check on nekkid Speedy
  225. Brown lace-up boots ?
  226. Degraying question
  227. Production item number information needed on Lt. Uhura
  228. Mego Supergirl
  229. Star Trek Mego production date stamped on figures...
  230. Info on the Leli Ledy FF Ironman?
  231. Kiss Help Wanted
  232. Blue eyed Zira
  233. Mego Klingon
  234. Black pants - Classic TV Toys
  235. Converting a 12" Magnetic Batman to Non-Magnetic?
  236. 8 inch CHIPS neck hole
  237. AJ Rivets / Complexion / Shine ?
  238. Collar rot on MOC Star Trek figures
  239. Robin has sweaty feet
  240. soldier apes and Urko
  241. Super Clams
  242. WGSH Wonder Woman experts. I gots a question.
  243. Soldier Ape Gloves
  244. wgsh color changing costumes
  245. Need some help
  246. AJ's Face
  247. Wicked Witch Black Pelvis Peice???????
  248. Pocket Heroes Question
  249. Fixing Broken Limbs...trick
  250. How to Repair a Burned-out Bat Signal