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  4. JLU Shayera-Ray-Green Lantern 3-Pack
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  21. need a couple of MODOC parts
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  23. Mezco South Park
  24. Anyone need a JLU Sand/Star Sapphire 3 Pack?
  25. SW Cantina Band set at WALMART
  26. looking for a loose JLU Vixen
  27. Can someone help me out!!!!
  28. trade chase figures
  29. Fin Fang Foom ! ***WANTED***
  30. 2 Hulk Figures (Fin Fang Foom BAF) Available
  31. Needing some Indiana Jones figures
  32. Galactus Leg needed
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  34. WANTED! Mattels Artremis Wonder Woman Variant
  35. Needed Apocalypse right arm and legs
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  38. Ininite heroes Nightwing and Batwoman
  39. Anyone Need Waist of BAF Apocalypse from Marvel Legends?
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  41. Ares BAF left arm...
  42. I Need Upper Torso and and Arms for sentinel
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  44. looking for dcu solomon grundy torso
  45. Super Hero Squad Figures..
  46. Looking for DCUC build a figure parts!!
  47. Need Atom Smasher and Giganta parts
  48. Looking for an Infinite heroes Robin
  49. Variant Dr. Fate
  50. WTT: Gold Captain Atom
  51. Need RED HULK BAF Parts
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  59. Glow-in-the-Dark Spectre and green Steppenwolf
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  61. DC Universe Mary Marvel - White variant
  62. Need Giganta parts, have some BAF parts for trade
  63. Have a metallo torso...Need a frankenstein right arm
  64. WTD: Big Jim black tennis shoes and red hard hat
  65. Trying to finish Darkseid
  66. BAF parts I have
  67. Galactus for Sentinel
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