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  1. Another way to donate to the Museum (this one costs you nothing)
  2. Oops
  3. Comic Action Batcopter MIB
  4. Canadian Boxed Mego Apes TreeHouse
  5. Boxed Mego Planet of the Apes Fortress
  6. MIB Mego Isis
  7. Circle Suit Spider-Man with box
  8. Fred Durst CUSTOM Figure
  9. This takes the cake
  10. Mego Cher Doll Radiant Ruffles Fashion Sold for $1,000!!
  11. Aquaman Sea Sled
  12. Why so high?
  13. Boxed Mego Ivanho $165
  14. MIB Mego Aquaman 159 Buy It Now
  15. Loose Mego Jaws from Moonraker
  16. Mego Black Knight MIB $139
  17. Boxed set of POTA CIPSA figures
  18. CB McHaul Truck Stop
  19. Secret Identity Clark Kent